Why would you buy a one size item?

Updated: May 13

If this is a question you have asked yourself, you are a very lucky person! The very fact that you have questioned this option, suggests that you know your body size and can buy an item off the peg, confident that it will fit.

I used to be like that.

If I liked something, I wouldn't try it on. I would just buy it.

Fast forward a number of years and my body has changed. Life has added extra new bits and moved old bits!! Thinking it through, there are many significant elements that have played a part ...

Hormones ... oh yes. Big part!

Child bearing .... huge!

Ankle reconstruction .... ridiculous!

In reality however, it's the small things that have had the true impact.

I love wine, chocolate, snacks, treats .. I love them all. This is why, after 50 years of indulging, I have absolutely no idea what size I am anymore!

Some parts of my body remain similar, others have changed dramatically. The problem is, it is just disproportionate. Therefore I like to opt for clothing that allows the right fit all over. The one sizer!

Us Three Fish are all different dimensions & have different back stories.

As three friends, we would plan trips away. Somewhere warm & carefree. As we all do, ahead of a girls trip, we would plan our wardrobe carefully. Each item had to fulfil 3 criteria;

1) Would it make me look OK?

2) Would it fit in my hand luggage

3) Will it allow me to expand as I eat and drink my way through a fun filled weekend?

We would of course discuss this and share winning research amongst us. If only there was a 'one size' company that we knew of then!

Our favourite search words ... smock, tunic, oversize, floaty, relaxed, stretchy. The best one though, the one we all searched over and over .... KAFTAN!

Ladies .. once you have found a kaftan that ticks all the boxes, you must look after it & buy it in all colours immediately.

A kaftan doesn't have to be a boring 'sack of spuds' outfit, more understated glamour. Coupled with a long necklace, gorgeous bag, statement sunglasses and a sun kissed glow, you will not only look amazing, but you will also be able to eat and drink what you like all holiday.

Oh ... we've done all the research too, just head over to our website & bag yourself an all round box ticking kaftan now!

You're welcome!

Skate x

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