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The Three Fish
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The Three Fish (Cod, Skate & Trout ... just don't ask) are long time great friends.

Like most of us women, we have all changed shape, one way or the other, for one reason or another
(or for absolutely no reason at all!).

One thing we are always trying to source .... a one size fits all item of clothing that looks fabulous but still allows us to breathe. Let's face it, when we go out, we don't want to be breathing in the whole time!

So, here we have it! A one stop shop for gorgeous items that fit! With a price tag to fit!
Throw in 1st class delivery & service with a smile. Winner!

What are you waiting for?
Start shopping online today and refresh your wardrobe with items that you cannot wait to wear.
Set yourselves free ladies!

Meet the Fish

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